Mechanic Treatment

  • The R & D PAVITEC, has ensured that both in marble like terrazzo, does not slip when the soil is wet, without losing the beauty in them.

  • MECHANICAL SLIP TREATMENT is done with specialized equipment and discs with special particle sizes, following the steps below:
    • ANALYSIS of soil, composition and status of presentation concrete
    • CUSTOMER DEMAND, especially its level of image, and rear slip
    • RECOVERING soil to find its natural state by removing all the components that can to us distort the process
    • CLEANING of debris, waste, etc., until obtaining the soil in condition for their subsequent treatment
    • FINAL PRESENTATION of finish, depending on the degree of brightness, slip, image and customer needs
    • FINAL SUBSEQUENT CLEANING, leaving the soil in proper condition to be used immediately/span>

  • The wet suction effect is obtained fit, without any chemicals, we harden the ground, get a more lasting brightness and a natural that the crystallizing and facilitate the subsequent maintenance of cleanliness, so extending life and maintaining soil

  • For daily cleaning is not necessary to use special cleaners, as cleansing is still done as before our SLIP TREATMENT OF INTEGRAL SOIL

  • The treatment achieves a brightness NATURAL, and the residue is a powder characteristic of the material component with water which is drained regularly
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